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below-grade waterproofing

Nowadays, spaces below ground level are common in commercial and residential buildings. Parking, laundry rooms, maintenance rooms, Elevator Pit’s and service rooms are common uses for the areas below the grade level. Therefore, waterproofing of this section of the building enclosure counted as a building’s base is critical for structural strength.

To prevent any damage to the base of the building, below-grade waterproofing is applied as it is a practice of placing membranes and coatings to the foundation walls of a ground level. Below-grade waterproofing is also referred to as basement waterproofing.

Why choose MD Prevatt Inc?

MD Prevatt Inc offers a complete waterproofing service for below-grade waterproofing foundation walls. It’s critical to apply for basement waterproofing near me because of the waterproofing layer to your below-grade surfaces with moisture-heavy conditions. When the rainy season arrives, and flooding becomes a serious problem, having a competent basement waterproofing and drainage system in place will give you peace of mind.

We identify the root cause of problems and make sure that we fix every error utilizing basement waterproofing near me. Our purpose is to offer solutions that will keep the building safe and our customers satisfied. We choose to restore using the most cost-effective repair and restoration techniques rather than tearing down and rebuilding.

We have a team of experts with more than 20 years of experience in waterproofing and other related services. We assure you that our knowledge and skills in the services deliver solutions.

Importance of Below-grade Waterproofing

Cement spalls, steel reinforcement, cracking, and structural failure can occur due to not paying attention and not getting below-grade waterproofing on time, causing damage to the building’s foundation. In addition, below-grade water infiltration can result in a great deal of interior water damage.

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