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Construction companies nowadays are increasingly incorporating the concept of air barrier systems into their current construction projects. As a result, we notice many high-performance buildings ascribe their success to the Installed system.

This remote system provides an advantage in improving building energy efficiency, but it helps reduce the risk of condensation damage. Moreover, it also aids mechanical systems in sizing and mitigating the effects of solid wind rain.

We, MD Prevatt Inc., take necessary steps to reduce that risk of damage by ensuring proper system detailing. Furthermore, we provide a continuous air barrier by cutting off the gaps at the interfaces between various systems. Our team, with remarkable experience and expertise, makes sure not to compromise on the quality. As a company, we inspect the system at the time of installation. Making sure The Air Barrier is installed Properly.

 What are Air Barriers?

Air barriers are insulating materials that are used to keep air out of residential and commercial areas. Heat loss and potential moisture damage from air leaks can be prevented with airtightness barriers. Air barriers also keep allergic reactions and toxins out of offices, schools, warehouses, and other places. Air barrier requirements in construction sites can differ depending on your location.


MD Prevatt Inc has worked with several companies to install air barriers in commercial buildings since 2001. During the design phase, we encourage our clients to install the necessary barrier(s). In addition, we provide inspection and peer review and field visits to verify compliance before installing air barrier(s).

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Air Barrier

Air Barrier